Web Series

Engage them longer with sequels

Sometimes, stories need to be long to stay with viewers. This is where web series comes in.

It can be episodic or standalone, strung together by continuity in story line and populated by a set of characters. Most importantly, the videos work well on their own though they fare even better when viewed in sequence.

Our work on Lipton Ice Tea is a great example of engaging stories told as episodic content. It has characters that are interesting. While each ‘webisode’ is funny its own right, the series has a continuity with earlier episodes.

Soon, more characters appeared the following year. The campaign, created exclusively for the Saudi Arabian market, turned out to be a huge success.

Web Series

Again, content is king. How popular would your web series become? It depends entirely on the quality and relevance of the the stories, and the execution. Since viewers use mobile devices to consume it, the production quality needn’t match that of television commercials.

Yet, the videos can’t be poorly shot and shoddily put together. Web series should be treated on par with branded video content. The production value needs to be above average, in keeping with the brand’s stature and the requirement of the medium.

As always, our strengths in in-house production come handy to you as a client. The advantages of having every required resource within Liwa are huge. This includes conceptualizing, writing, production, direction and post-production.

It translates as better integration of the project, better coordination between the various departments and better economies of scale.

We are a leading video marketing and production agency based in Dubai. We’ve created hundreds of videos for several clients across different sectors. Benefit from our expertise.

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