Telling stories in 30 seconds

The television commercial still poses a challenge: To tell a story effectively in 30 seconds, or at best 45 or even 60, in the brand voice, capturing the product propositions, and yet making it memorable and watchable again.

At Liwa, we’ve been the experts in this short form of communication. In fact, we started off with television commercials long before branded video content was known. It’s how we honed our craft – in video creation as well as production efficiencies.

Being experts in storytelling, we understand that less is more. We use a series of techniques in visual shorthand to convey the finer points of a story. And complementing this is our expertise in producing videos.


Our biggest strength is that we are into production ourselves. All the requisite talent required for video production is in-house: From writers to art directors, production designers and a panel of directors, we are all dream merchants.

This gives our clients a huge advantage. In the conventional scenario, an advertising agency approaches a production house which then hires a director – with margins at each state. All that translates as a heavily discounted product at the end of the delivery chain.

In contrast, we bring a close-knit home team that caters to every department from conception to execution and delivery. The economies enjoyed by clients are enormous.

While this is a plus for all video, it’s especially relevant for commercials which demand higher production values. The short television commercial requires long preparation time, and increased budgets. Precisely where our in-house strengths come into play.

As a leading video production house in Dubai, we offer an unbeatable twin benefit: Great storytelling complemented by unmatched value addition in production. Make it work for you.

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