Why is Storytelling important for your business?

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Why is Storytelling important?

Because content is everywhere, and not all of it is consumed in an ideal setting. Users skip written content and go to the pictures or, better still, video.

Did you know that the visual packs in more power than the verbal? As much as 90% of the information absorbed by the brain is visual.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. By the same token, how much is a video worth? Do the math, and it’ll come to at least 1.8 million words. Imagine the amount of writing you’ll need to do!

Stories make all the difference.

More and more digital marketers are warming up to video as the next big thing, with an obvious fallout: A video overkill.

So, what do you do when too many videos are floating around? How do you then differentiate yours?

Simple – with storytelling. You need to tell your audience stories through videos. And speak in the same consistent tone of voice, across a series of videos, over longer periods of time.

And this is where we come in. We are recognized as a Top Digital Marketing Company on Design Rush. And we’ve earned our spurs through first-rate storytelling.

We’re storytellers who embed strategy into our stories. And we can help you tell your story with emotion and impact. It’s video content at its best, it works the hardest, and it puts you ahead.

As a leading video marketing agency we’ve garnered expertise in creating relevant, relatable, and memorable content. We specialize in developing branded video content for the banking and finance sector, spanning Hub content, Help content, and explainer videos. Of course, we can create content for any industry or any business. Because, irrespective of any of these variables, the essence of storytelling remains the same.

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