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As a marketing agency, you may realize that you need unique methods of introducing your brand to the audience – in an engaging and innovative way. Although there are conventional ways of advertising that perfectly worked previously, those methods might be out of fashion today.

Explainer videos can work great for businesses intending to stand out from the competition and provide something unique to their customers. Marketing videos, brief commercials, product demos, introductory videos, trade show videos, and so on may impress prospective customers, particularly if they are explainer videos.

What is an explainer video?

These are short marketing videos published online to explain the products or services of a company. Explainer videos are mostly used on a landing page, home page, or product page. Content marketers can use explainer videos in various ways, depending on their level of creativity.

These videos have become very common because they can boost conversion rates by as much as 144 percent. Explainer videos are usually simple, short, and engaging. They can increase brand awareness by telling a story, enabling viewers to better understand a product or service.

Typically, the videos are short; you can therefore upload them on your social media accounts, making it easier for your followers to view. The most important aspect is to understand what your audience wants. That’s why choosing the right explainer video maker in the UAE is necessary.

These short, easy-to-digest videos explain difficult concepts in an easily-digestible manner that helps people remember and retain the information. According to studies, humans retain up to 58 percent more information with video, compared to text content.

How to select the best explainer video maker

Each explainer video maker is unique, some make various animation styles, and others focus on specific brands. To choose the right explainer video maker, below are some following tips:

Ask for referrals from your colleagues and competitors

Have you heard about a company that has created unique explainer videos that you like? Research to discover more about how the company produced the video.

Go through testimonials and reviews online

Find out what their past clients have to say about the experience of working with them. If a maker doesn’t have testimonials or reviews online, that’s considered a red flag.

Read the portfolio of the company

Ensure that they have experience in your niche and have great production quality. Also, their videos shouldn’t look the same. The videos should achieve the aim of explaining the services, goods, or company of a client.

Review your budget

There’s no need to hire the best explainer video maker if you can’t afford their services. Ensure the proposal fits your budget and your business marketing goals.

Why we are known as the best explainer video maker in the UAE?

An explainer video should show the business it is representing. At Liwa, we are the best explainer video maker in the UAE and people love us for several reasons.

1. We are affordable

New businesses look forward to spending their funds efficiently. You have to select an explainer video maker that provides their services at reasonable rates. We offer several packages and consultation to our clients.

Just as we have done for major brands, we can provide a solution that suits your budget; this will enable you to spend the rest of the budget on other campaigns. Our company allows you to spend only what you can afford to create a video with the best graphics.

2. We make use of a professional voice

Poor audio can easily ruin an explainer video. We’ve all come across such a video – having a crackly voiceover seemingly recorded by a novice. A video could have good quality, but the voice might not be polished enough. Our professional delivery provides the right audio for your explainer videos.

Also, we deliver in less than a week, if need be. Brands like Emirates NBD, Wired, Aster, Dubai customs, ICC, Amex, NBF, FAB, DEWA, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce, Mashreq Bank, Hudson, and others prefer to deal with us.

3. We use music to set the tone

It’s amazing what the right music can do. Just as it is with videos, music can evoke various emotions, and it can set the pace and tone of your explainer video. Our professionals understand this and have the perfect music selection to suit various types of explainer videos.

Sometimes, as you develop a video, you might have the perfect music in mind, but most of the time, people look for the right track after they’re done with the video production, finding a track that fits the mood of the video. Getting the right music is important to creating a perfect explainer video; it’ll keep the viewers focused till the video ends.

4. We specialize in various genres

It is not every explainer video maker that can make various kinds of videos. Those that are not experts will find it challenging to write the script of an explainer video. We have understood the science of storytelling through each video and created over 500 explainer videos for reputable brands like Emirates.

A photographer, for instance, has a different photography sense and way of learning from a different photographer. It is the same with making an animated explainer video. We have many years of experience and can therefore produce the perfect explainer video.

5. We create unique videos

Video content can rapidly increase your numbers. To build your brand with explainer videos, you need to stand out from the competition by creating unique video content. This is why you need to hire a company that produces only original works made from scratch. They shouldn’t create videos from stock illustrations that can easily be gotten online.

We create unique explainer videos that can give your explainer videos that unique touch and a recognizable style. When you’re unique, you’ll easily stand out, and your customer will better understand the product or service you’re explaining.

Explainer videos are just storytelling; you, therefore, need a unique visual aspect. Having distinctive graphics can also be effective in engaging viewers, when used together with quality story ideas.

6. Expertise

An explainer video maker that has made various videos over the years knows which customers they can handle and which they can’t because of their experience. We have worked with a lot of startups, businesses, and professionals – this means many years of intense training.

The post-production process of an explainer video needs more attention – from using the right background music to matching the audio levels with the entire visual content. Because of our expertise, we provide a final cut that properly explains your concept.  

7. Top-quality style and design

The most important part of choosing an explainer videomaker is selecting one that resonates with your business, that understands what is important for your company, and that can deliver results that meet your brand’s expectations. This is because the video has to represent your business.

Our design style is up-to-date because we follow what’s trending in design around the world. We have enough experience to give you a video that looks professional and has the right style. We are experienced in handling reputable brands, different styles of animation, design, and brand guideline because of our 33 years of experience.

We can easily adapt our videos to different sizes, depending on the social media platforms and demographics. We also combine media such as stock footage and animation to make the videos more interesting.

Types of explainer videos we make

Live-action explainer videos : This is a video that explains the product or service of a business. Usually, live-action explainer videos are best for brands that sell physical products or services that are people-oriented, like restaurants, or consulting companies.

Animated explainer videos: The most popular explainer videos and the most preferred because it explains concepts or services that are difficult to understand. Animated explainer videos create room for creativity, and are easier to update in the future.

Whiteboard explainer videos; This is an explainer video in which a whiteboard is used to hand-draw an animation and erase it. It has grown in popularity because of its low cost, making it one of the cheapest explainer videos to make.


There are various explainer video companies in the market today. But getting the right one can be a demanding task. Our Emirates NBD case study shows how we came up with a business solution by introducing explainer videos for all their services.

Most banks, financial services, and insurance companies are using our services at Liwa to make explainer videos because we are the best in the region. Explainer videos show what brands can do for their customers and we have a great understanding of how to do it.

SMEs also can use these videos because they are cost-effective and can explain their offering in an easy-to-grasp manner.

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