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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. 

Video marketing combines visual and audio communication to empower a message and strengthen its meaning. 

Video is growing in popularity, with 54% of consumers wanting to see more video content. Businesses that meet these demands reap the benefits of engaging with their consumers, streamlining communication, and increasing return on investment (ROI).

The UAE is known for its early adoption of technology, , and the nation is highly advanced when it comes to healthcare. Video marketing is a powerful way to communicate this expertise. 


The power of video

Video has the potential to connect brands, and consumers, at a deeper level. Consider the impact of a moving medium, the understanding of an explainer video, or the brand personality that’s revealed with an introductory video. 

However, the effect of video is not only emotional. There is supportive data highlighting the benefits of video marketing. Consider the following findings from one particular survey.

  • The number of businesses using video marketing is constantly increasing and is currently estimated at 86%.

  • Video plays an important role in 93% of marketing strategies.

  • When measuring success, 63% of marketers consider video engagement a top metric.

  • Video marketing has improved the bottom line of 78% of businesses.

  • What do these benefits mean for the healthcare industry? 

Healthcare communication needs to be strategic and assert authority. It’s important to garner trust when dealing with patients and capability when communicating with investors. 

6 benefits of video marketing for healthcare

Video communication places the focus on the patient care, collaboration, training, and marketing. 

1. Boost online exposure

While some patients use a family doctor after generations spent building relationships, many more research healthcare providers before making an appointment. Surveys have shown that 63% of patients will select a provider with an online presence over a provider without one. 

Video marketing has the potential to maximize exposure on the web. It’s the job of search engines to provide users with relevant results. High-quality videos are known to help businesses rank highest in Google search results.

2. Improve engagement with patients and investors

It’s not unusual for patients to feel overwhelmed when deciding on healthcare providers. An abstract quality like trust can be difficult to gauge from a text page. Video bridges the gap between information and personality, helping to increase engagement. 

Recent research shows that video marketing has the highest conversion rate across industries. In fact, adding a video to a website’s landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%.

3. Generate a return on investment (ROI)

Overall, businesses use video marketing to increase sales, build brand trust, and connect with customers (old and new). Efforts in video marketing cost money, but statistics show that 88% of marketers are happy with the ROI. 

Unlike traditional marketing efforts, video has the potential to be timeless, re-shared, and embedded across platforms. 

4. Positioning as an authority

The authority held by an healthcare professional is a sure indicator of his or her ability to function successfully. When comparing professionals, video marketing can give a business the boost that it needs to gain a competitive advantage. 

Video marketing can be used to showcase expertise through case studies and customer reviews. There’s no limit to the potential that video marketing has to assert a healthcare professional as an authority figure. 

5. Improved education and training

Videos can also be used internally to improve training and education. As healthcare professionals, it’s important that the team is always up-to-date and informed about best practices and follows streamlined systems. 

Using video as a method of communication helps deliver information to patients, healthcare staff, and visitors in an effective way. No matter where they are in the world. 

6. Enhance patient care

The primary goal of the healthcare industry is to provide quality patient care. This goal needs to be considered in all aspects of the business, including marketing. 

Patients can view procedures and medical information in advance, giving them the required knowledge for their upcoming treatment. Video can help enhance confidence through effective communication. In turn, this builds trust, reduces anxiety and improves the patient experience. 

Different types of videos

Video marketing consists of strategies far broader than advertising. While promotional content is certainly useful, there are several other types of videos that can offer benefits to the healthcare industry. 

Mission, vision, values

Videos can be excellent vehicles to highlight the company’s vision, mission statement, values, and goals. 

Consider this engaging video for Aster Pharmacy as a prime example of video marketing in the UAE, placing the business as leaders in their field. 

Doctor profiles

It’s possible to build authority at a fundamental level and showcase the experience of senior doctors, nurses, and medical professionals. These videos allow patients to begin building a relationship with a professional even before meeting them. 

Patient testimonials

A praise-worthy review or testimonial can do wonders for a healthcare provider. Use positive experiences from previous patients to create storytelling videos. These videos to connect with patients at a deeper level and build trust. 

Explainer videos

Explainer videos can be the solution to educate patients before, say, a procedure. It can also offer information about certain treatments and serve as a value-add for visitors to a website.

Tips for healthcare video marketing in the UAE

Video marketing for healthcare follows the same basic principles as in other industries. With this in mind, there are a few key factors that contribute to a successful video. 

  • Leverage both the visual and audio aspects of video to tell your story

  • Demonstrate empathy to connect with viewers

  • Educate your audience

  • Present your business as a solution to a problem

  • Inspire trust in your audience

Hiring an experienced team that can produce effective videos for healthcare in the UAE can greatly contribute to establishing a brand in a crowded space. 

Boost your communication today

The team at Liwa has contributed greatly to the marketing efforts of several healthcare providers, proudly performing as leading providers of video production in the UAE. 

Liwa has provided the best solution to achieve the communication objective of FUH, here is the case study.  

Ready to kickstart your video marketing efforts? Get in touch with our helpful team today and we’ll get the ball rolling. It’s time to explore how we help healthcare providers market themselves through powerful videos.

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