How to videos: Compensate for Business Low during COVID-19
17th May, 2020

In the past two series, we covered how in such times, customer engagement (please backlink this) and reassessing marketing strategy (backlink this too) is your priority. However, in this article, we would be covering the one tool that you may be skipping on; which is making a how to video. Essentially, being an instructional video- here is shedding some more light on the same:

Make how-to-videos

Right now, every other entity from banks to government is moving digital to facilitate social distancing. In order to help your clients, you can come up with more user guide type videos. Instructional videos are the need of the hour as more and more people are only learning about the impact, but do not really know what action to take. You can perhaps release ‘how to set up an UPI account’ if you are a finance entity or simply give your consumers a walkthrough of 15 best tools to stay connected with their resources working remotely. 

Injazat – How to superpaste

First things first, take a step back and envision the content you want to offer. Basically, consider the main takeaway of the video and create proper instructions for the same. Here is the process you can follow:

  1. Map out your target audience and their problems too. This helps you decide what to focus on!
  2. Remember that you need to mention a clear takeaway. Set an objective for your audience. Every step of your video needs to cover this end goal.
  3. You have multiple video formats to choose. Juggle and pick the one that suits your topic. For instance,
    – Go for animation if you have the budget and are not able to shoot real time people. For instance, you can put together a lot of doodles about the steps that your user base can take.
    -Go for a live action video in case of medical instructions. For instance, how to put a mask or how to sanitize, wash hands properly. Basically, remember how the air hostess instructs you for safety measures? That’s the drift you would want to take!
    -For us, a screencast video is the most beneficial. It refers to a digital recording of a computer screen wherein you are actually completing the steps and your user base can follow. So, for example- how to do digital transactions if you are a banking brand or how to donate to a government fund can be the perfect contenders for this format.
  4. Next is to ensure that you approach the script with a proper video length in mind. Do not overdo it. A 2-3 minute video is ideal. After that, you’d start encountering bounce rates.
  5. Our last tip entails a flow chart for your script. While writing, ensure its colloquial and think in frames. Basically, do not prioritize text but visual content instead! This would surely help you put a storyboard together and come up with the right flow of instructions you want to cover!
National Bank of Fujairah – How to login rest credentials

The most important thing to remember here is that you keep your communication crisp and simple! People are tired of reading stuff and watching spam content too! So, your how to videos should do just that- give instructions to the T. If you need industry specific directions, then approach us and we can surely help you; digitally- ofcourse. Stay safe, stay indoors and make business continuity a priority always