Explainer Videos

Short, simple, engaging

An explainer video does just that – it explains a concept or service. Usually, it’s a short animation that simplifies the subject at hand, and is a great vehicle to introduce your business on your website.

In fact, explainer videos are part of branded video content and by design, these are short – no longer than 90 seconds generally. And they answer FAQs the audiences need answers for, and are also known as ‘FAQ Videos’.

The construct of their narrative is straightforward. And they address issues through a ‘why’ and ‘how’ approach. Our series of ‘How To’ videos for Emirates NBD is an excellent example. Interestingly, they also use characters or mascots to lend continuity across a series, or even employ a specific template designed for the purpose.

Explainer Videos

Videos work better

Google loves videos. No wonder websites with videos on their homepages clock high in searches. That’s the best reason to have one of your own – and explainer videos are great entry points into the world of video. And there’s no better way to explain your business in an easy and effective manner.

In general, videos are more effective than text – who likes reading anyway? In contrast, explainer videos are interesting and effective. These short bits of animation are hugely involving and they engage viewer attention longer. This means they stay on your website for long, thus increasing chances of conversion or doing business with you.

Made for mobiles

Also consider: Most of the online activity happens on a mobile device. Which means your video needs to be simple and to the point. By default, they are short, easy to digest and helps to build your brand or business.

And the best part – price. Explainer videos are not as expensive as you may think. Mostly, these videos use 2D (compared to 3D, which is prohibitive) and get done in less than a week. So it’s a win-win – quick to create, inexpensive and highly effective. Give it a try!

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