Vijay Kumar

"Talk less. Think More."May 10, 2022

Stories and Science



What would you be if you were not an Executive Creative Director?

A singer, maybe.

And why are you an Executive Creative Director?

Too lazy to be anyone else.

What’s the best part of your work? And the worst part?

The best part: The mystery that precedes writing. Worst part: When the mystery prolongs endlessly.

Tell us a little about your work process.

Still a fan of physical writing on an A4 pad. It usually starts with the briefing, but sometimes before. During that time, and during research and ideation later, the margins would get filled up with thoughts and turns of phrase which later team up to form a cohesive piece.

How has your work changed in recent times and how have you adapted to it?

A lot of creativity happens when you’re not consciously creating. Those in-between times have vanished. So I try to make time for the breaks that facilitate free-flowing thought.

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