Veronica Menezes

"Believe in forgive and forget."February 1, 2022

Stories and Science



What would you be if you were not an Accountant?

My dream was to become an Interior Designer, but my love for numbers led me to become an accountant.

What’s the best part of your work? And the worst part?

The best part: Learning new things, both professionally and personally. I am a team player and like to help my teammates with tasks that they struggle with. I usually like to focus on only the good.

Tell us little about your work process?

Although accounting principles are standard across the board, the process differs from industry to industry. Processes depend on the organization's setup and the jobs assigned. I value coordination and cooperation from the team to meet deadlines for compliance and reporting.

A sneak peek into my personality.

I live in the present. I love traveling to different places and exploring new cultures. I am cool as a cucumber and avoid conflict. My life mantra is to forgive and forget.

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