Rohit Arora

Rohit Arora

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” - Charles DarwinMay 21, 2022

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What’s the best part of your work? And the worst part?

The best part: Conquering any new challenge/ project that we’ve never undertaken before. Regardless of how daunting, it may seem at the outset, how much ever chaos we may be subjected to in our strategic and creative thinking processes, we crack it every time. We scale new heights by transforming ourselves into a community of solvers.

The satisfaction of being able to make an impact – on brands, their customers, our community, the pop culture, and our own fellow mates at work makes me want to get up and give my very best.  

The worst part: The whole industry needs to recognize the importance of work-life balance and set reasonable timelines.

Anything you want to announce or tell your colleagues or just vent out in general?

I say this practically every day – Carpe Diem!

If money and career were no object, what would you really be doing?

Exploring the world – traveling to exotic places, savoring different cuisines, learning a new adventure sport (skiing is next), taking another road trip, partaking in cultural festivals, and meeting new people. 

But first, building a business model that I can run remotely from anywhere… My work gives me a purpose that I wouldn’t let go of.

Show us or tell us about a project/piece of work you’re most proud of.

The idea that I sparked on – "We see potential, not disability" for Al Noor Training Center for children of special needs – is dear to my heart. The insight was driven by dialogue from the Bollywood movie Taare Zameen Par (transl. Stars on Land). The protagonist gives the example of great minds like Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein, who demonstrated extraordinary creativity even though they were affected by developmental or learning disorders. Despite having a really low budget, this insight led to some beautiful work.

Who is the superhero/mythological/fictitious character that inspires you?

It’s got to be Chanakya.

There’s so much depth in his quotes. He’s an ancient Indian polymath who was active as a teacher, author, strategist, philosopher, economist, jurist, and royal advisor. 

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