Puja Chatterjee

"You are the life of this life, and you have triumphed over the ages of despite their severity." - Khalil GibranMay 3, 2022

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What would you be if you were not an Account Director?

I would be a travel blogger, helping people see this beautiful world through my lens. I would have liked to help people plan their trips within their expectations and requirements.

If you get one hour to do whatever you like, what would that be?

I would cook a warm meal for myself or my family. Cooking rejuvenates me and helps calm my nerves. It’s my form of post-work meditation. I can cook at least 1 dish from 35 different cultures.

What is the most unexpected place you have sent an email from?

The most unexpected would be on a cruise in Antarctica. I connected to the internet for a couple of minutes to check a few emails. In more recent times, work has got me answering zoom calls and emails from the loo! Hehe, just kidding. Or not.

Show us or tell us about a project/piece of work you’re most proud of.

During my initial days at Liwa, I got to work on an amazing product campaign for Emirates NBD, the region’s largest bank. The product was called Shake n Save. It was a fintech innovation program where people could save by just shaking their phones. We conceptualized and produced a music video to launch the product and it went viral. If you’re an advertiser, you know the kind of butterflies a viral campaign gives! We also went on to win awards for the same campaign - Effies, Lynx, and Midas. It’s a piece of work I will always be proud of!

Give us a guided tour of your work desk.

Due to my busy work schedule, I never realized what a beautiful home I had curated for myself. Thanks to the pandemic and working remotely I got to enjoy the best part of my home – the balcony! This safe haven gave me fresh air during quarantine, helped me crack strategic projects, inspired me, and kept me driven. I will continue to enjoy this spot for the most part of the good-weather months.

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