Nishqa Pillai

Nishqa Pillai

"Que Sera Sera"April 12, 2022

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What would you be if you were not an Account Manager?

A graphic designer by qualification, 3 years into my career, my ambitions shifted to management – a vertical sorta unrelated to my area of study. With that shift, I’m really living my professional dream!

And why are you an Account Manager?

One of the hallmarks of an effective business strategy is the development and continued upkeep of relationships. I personally love connecting with people and building brands. I have the ability to resolve conflict and communicate effectively. My creative background helps me get to grips with a client’s point of view in order to meet their briefs.

How has your work changed in recent times and how have you adapted to it?

My industry experience has given me key insights into the creative process from ideation to execution, and how this process differs across markets. When I started working with Liwa, the team was already working remotely. Ever since, every professional endeavor has been an opportunity to nurture my collaborative skills, sharpen my business acumen and hone my eye for detail; teaching me the nuances of effectively communicating with virtual teams across time zones.

If you get one hour to do whatever you like, what would that be?

Sketch, paint, write. In these uncertain times, I find joy in art. In whatever capacity, I’d love to create as much as I can, as often as I can.

Anything you want to announce or tell your colleagues or just vent out in general?

In the rush to get back to normal, do stuff that matters because really, all we have is – NOW.

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