Hahnemanne John

"Never say NO"March 22, 2022

Stories and Science



What would you be if you were not an Art Director?

My strength and passion lie in art and design. If not the path I chose, I would most likely pursue being an animator. I would love to add motion to my creations.

What’s the best part of your work? And the worst part?

The best part is having the ability and skillset to imagine, visualize and create something new each time. The worst part is unreasonable deadlines :)

Show us or tell us about a project/piece of work you’re most proud of.

Wired project video. This video started with a simple brief to showcase technology and its various forms that inspire and propagate growth opportunities. With that in mind, a graphical treatment was chosen with a very contemporary output. The graphics merging into each frame offer a continuous flow to the video and also promote a sense of fluidity throughout, which helps establish the premise of wired. The use of muted yet bright colors and different shapes and patterns gives a modern look to the backgrounds. The abstract patterns of the characters also add to the contemporary style of the video.

If you get one hour to do whatever you like, what would that be?

Seek inspiration in interesting people, places, and pieces of work.

Who is the superhero/mythological/fictitious character that you think best represents you? And why?

Batman. Like him, I tend to work into the wee hours of the day, while the rest of the world is asleep.

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