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Anjali Dhami

“Never regret anything that made you smile.” ―Mark Twain

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What would you be if you were not an Account Manager?

As a travel enthusiast, I would work in the travel industry. My profound love for exploring the world will extend beyond my adventures as I can channel my enthusiasm into my profession. By acquiring an in-depth understanding of various destinations, cultures, and travel trends, I will possess the ability to curate unforgettable experiences for my clients, Whether it's crafting tailor-made itineraries, recommending hidden gems, or providing expert advice, with my knowledge and dedication, I can elevate the travel experiences of my clients. As I immerse myself in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry, my contagious enthusiasm will inspire others to embark on their journeys. For me, working in the travel industry will not just be a job but a way to share my passion and ignite the wanderlust in others.

If I had an hour to do whatever I wanted?

I’ll choose to cook! If I had one hour to do whatever I like, I would choose cooking. There's an undeniable joy and creative fulfillment that comes from working in the kitchen. Within that hour, I would immerse myself in the aromatic world of spices and ingredients, whipping up a delicious dish from scratch, Whether trying out a new recipe or revisiting a favorite culinary creation. The process of cooking is a therapeutic and rewarding experience for me. Every moment spent in the kitchen is a delightful journey of flavors. Cooking allows me to express myself, experiment, and share my passion with loved ones, making it the perfect way to enjoy an hour.

Anything you want to announce or tell your colleagues or just vent out in general?

Let's keep pushing the boundaries, supporting each other, and embracing new opportunities. We are a powerhouse team, and there's nothing we can't accomplish when we work together. Let's keep raising the bar and making a positive impact. We've got this! Cheers to our success!

Give us a guided tour of your work desk.

Walking you through my work desk. I'd love to share the stories behind its meaningful items. A serene Buddha statue, a cherished token from my best trip, exudes tranquility. Books with positive quotes inspire me daily, while a treasured picture of my family keeps me grounded and driven. My trusty work diary organizes my day, and a small camera sparks my passion for photography. Lastly, my coffee mug fuels me as I embark on each new day's journey.

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