Anas Ramzan

Anas Ramzan

"Never stop learning"March 15, 2022

Stories and Science



What would you be if you were not an Art Director?

A painter or an architect. As a child, I used to create houses and buildings using different materials like Styrofoam and cardboard. I would paint, do wall art or draw caricatures. Be it backdrops for school plays, or miniature sculptures – I would do it all.

And why are you an Art Director?

My journey started with doodling and dabbling, which over time, led to a curiosity in art and design. This took its natural course and led me to where I am today.

If you get one hour to do whatever you like, what would that be?

Calligraphy or making miniature models.

Anything you want to announce or tell your colleagues or just vent out in general?

Throughout my career, I have picked up tricks of the trade from my colleagues. Here’s a big shout-out to everyone who has given me tips and tricks across the 16 years of my career – each of those inputs has helped me hone my craft.

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