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RewardJet was lacking a compelling and unifying way of articulating its distinct offering. Liwa took on the challenge of redefining the brand purpose, and its visual language, thereby encouraging more businesses to be interested in them.



RewardJet is an innovative online platform that provides top-quality perks and essential benefits to small businesses, so they can deliver Fortune 500 level perks and benefits to their employees, at an incredibly affordable price.

On further digging, we found that it isn’t just another perks site offering discounts, but a whole lot more - it’s also a connected “community” and a “network” of like-minded members who make them feel like they have the power of thousands of people in their corner.

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In their words “we want to be the most helpful and indispensable asset a small business and independent worker can have to move their business forward.” Nowhere in the narrative was anything functional, however, everything else was.

RewardJet needed to be different vs. other perk offerings in the category. The real question was how do we “connect” with this community of entrepreneurs? RewardJet needed something deeper.


As we dwelled into each of the consumer segments, from independent professionals, and SMEs to enterprises, we discovered a common thread – the entrepreneurial spirit is not simply a job status, it’s a global cultural idea.

Hofstede’s Cultural model led us to the defining the values, rituals, symbols, and more importantly the mindset of the people we’re talking to, i.e., Ambitious Pioneers.


The rub

Beyond the best value (functional), they look for partners who understand the business challenges & where they want to take it.

The opportunity for RewardJet was to be the brand that gets the mindset of business and plays a part in the culture by celebrating “the human side of the business”.

This helped us evolve to the brand purpose of “SUPPORTING HUMAN AMBITION".


The strategic direction inspired a complete revamp of the brand assets across communication touchpoints. This was translated into a brand book to act as a guideline for the future evolution of the brand covering every aspect of the brand orchestration. 

RewardJet is in the process of its next round of funding for its next phase of growth.


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