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Connecting with the Saudi and GCC youth to include Lipton Ice Tea into their consideration where CSD's are the natural choice. This communication made business impact and led to growth in sales.


The problem

Even though ice tea is lighter and more uplifting than any carbonated beverage, its perception was not cool enough. The challenge was - How do you make Ice Tea a drink of choice in a market that thrives on carbonated soft drinks?

Target audience: The youth of KSA and GCC. Millennials and Gen Z

The brief

While Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, Ice Tea was not a beverage of choice. A carbonated soft drink-driven market induces curiosity through trials. Digital is the primary medium of communication supported with on-ground, the collateral that would build TOM recall. Target meal moments.

Lipton Ice Tea strategy page

Functional & emotional benefit

Lipton Ice Tea revitalizes and turns around a dull moment. It is refreshing and lite, thereby complementing the hot burger or pizza meal. It even tastes great with salads. To embrace new opportunities.

100% refreshment. 

0% preservative. 

Tea – is a natural ingredient.

Communication idea & our approach

Celebrate their lives and create relevance of the product into moments that matter to them.

To create content that builds affinity and brand love through “moments” that the youth can identify with. Rooted in Arab culture and entertaining at the same time.

We used syndicated research that gave insights into the youth of the region (In this case GCC and primarily Saudi Arabia). Delving into the things they do as leisure, films they watch, the music they listen to, and the lives they lead. Also the kind of friends they have in their peer group. This insight helped us stereotype the characters that the youth of the region could identify with.

Our solution & call to action

A series of videos that identify audience archetypes, and tell stories that are relatable to them. Through YouTube and social media, entertain the youth while showing how Lipton Ice Tea can uplift and inspire them to experience the brighter side of life. Taking the concept to on-ground activations and creating that moment of joy at venues where our audience is present makes their average day fun. Targeting meal moments and reminding audiences that Lipton Ice Tea can make a difference in their experience. 

The call to action induced trials of the beverage. We did this through a call to action messaging on video assets and activations in malls and beaches. We even translated the global assets to on grounds events - like the zorb commercial was the inspiration for us to facilitate zorb football championships on the region's beaches. And asked audiences to share their stories that explored how a dull moment transitioned into a lively one. This contest got an overwhelming response and, in turn, helped Lipton Ice Tea resonate by turning a dull moment into a fun one.

The result

Over 3,000,000 views on YouTube, a 2% increase in sales year on year, and a 6% increase in brand scores. And audience interaction led us to create more stories that resulted from user-generated content.

Making the idea relevant: Now that's how ice tea becomes really cool.

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