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iLearningEngines (iLE) is an AI-powered learning automation and information intelligence platform. The description makes it apparent that they’re not easy to understand, even when their possibilities and resulting impacts are enormous. We simplified their brand narrative with a compelling brand story and refreshed its visual identity to convey the brand’s disruptive model and value.

iLE has been ranked by Deloitte Fast 500 as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America. Through automated learning, iLE enables organizations to productize enterprise knowledge and drive outcomes at scale. A cross-industry-multifunctional platform, iLE is deployed in the most regulated and detail-oriented industries like healthcare, education, energy, transportation, and national defense. iLE is a pioneer in combining AI algorithms with large data sets. This synergy identifies gaps in knowledge and provides “in-process”, “individualized” learning prescriptions “at scale”.

A detailed competitive analysis and mapping helped us to identify the territories of parity and differentiation. Infusing attitude to the highly functional product offering, seemed promising sustainable differentiation, especially in a scenario where functionalities can be copied.

The immersive brand-building workshop filled with projective techniques stimulated the participants, unlocked insights buried in their minds, and directed us to the brand and creative ambition.

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While there is no ‘typical’ iLE customer, the individuals we were to connect with are at the helm of business transformation, drive revenue, and deliver outcomes at scale. Psychographic profiling led us to ‘visionary doers’ as the mindset target.

We identified their key pain points from the need for the bandwidth to trigger more significant shifts, capitalizing on enterprise data and knowledge to the importance of human error avoidance.

 iLE was a perfect answer. We landed on a compelling thought:

Learning automation is what we do. Intelligence is what you get.

Learning to intelligence is a process. And that process is iLE.

The end result - highly optimized processes, an empowered workforce with fearless ambition, and endless possibilities. This landed us to the value proposition of “Intelligence of the limitless enterprise”.

The design exploration led to us taking inspiration from a process within machine learning called “feature extraction”.  In technical terms, through reduction and classification, it constructs combinations of variables as the key to efficiency.

Data is fluid, flexible. Suggesting seamlessness and an open-ended nature. Dots flowing, like data, in a stream. Hence we call it 'DotStream'.

This was visually interpreted with ‘dots as data’. By connecting the dots, seen and unseen, it not only came together to create iLE initials, but also the wordmark with rounded edges.    

Leveraging the infinite possibilities, we extended the brand identity to a series of applications to create a unique and consistent visual experience. This culminated into a comprehensive brand book, which serves as a definitive guide to building a strong, confident and adaptable identity.

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