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Fakeeh Care was on a mission to enter the UAE market with the largest private hospital in Dubai and we had our own mission to build their launch campaign & go-to-market strategy.


Existing in a sensitive and crowded space like healthcare, FUH, the Saudi healthcare epitome of Fakeeh Care Group was on a mission to enter, differentiate and excel in an advanced hi-tech yet overcrowded UAE market, which is also full of superficial marketing messages.  

How can we have a compelling launch and sustainable brand positioning?


Thanks to the category communication cliché, over time the consumers had grown skeptical of healthcare claims and communications. Taking second or more opinions on major cures was normal. This demanded a more pragmatic approach rooted to make it compelling. Rooted in evidence-based medicine practices, FUH uses smart technologies such as the robotic pharmacy, adopts an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to give holistic treatment, brought concepts like Enhanced Recoveries for post-operative patients, and offered centralized medical records to facilitate easy access to data.


Our research revealed a critical lacuna: Lack of information. Patients are often in the dark about their condition, the diagnoses, treatment options available, doctor’s qualifications, the technology being used, recovery periods, and so on.

To get it right, we spent hours sitting with doctors and understanding each aspect. We were keen to stay real and be authentic, and our investments in time and effort paid off – laying the foundation for the Hospital’s Thought Leadership narrative.

From that point, we were able to identify a communication platform & content strategy around: Education. FUH was best placed to educate audiences using a plethora of resources and years of experience in its vault.

Content strategy

Going against tradition, we developed a completely education-led campaign.

First, kicking off with brand building we created a series of commercials highlighting FUH’s USPs. Heartwarming tales capture the patient’s perspective in all its emotions, while also allowing the Hospital to tell its side of the story. Complementing each other, completing the circle.

Accompanied by a series of educational posts. All bite-sized, snackable content that simplified health sciences in layman's terms.

We supported it with Thought Leadership. Both among customers and within the medical fraternity – FUH can lead from the front and be the standard.

Not to mention real testimonial-led storytelling by FUH’s actual patients to make it compelling to even the most skeptical audience.

The communication spanned out in a hub-and-spoke model – working from the center and impacting touchpoints.


The hospital raised expectations – and exceeded them in delivery. Today FUH enjoys a high brand equity and clear preference in the overcrowded category.

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