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Injazat's communication was relatively sterile. The ask was to define the brand essence and an engaging content strategy that would align internal and external stakeholders. Liwa's approach of "Instigator of Better" was the inspiration for communication.


Injazat, the regional UAE home-grown tech leader, has a clear plan to lead the country's digital transformation. However, having transitioned from being an IT services provider to a complete orchestrator of digital transformation solutions, Injazat needed to reposition to sync with the new evolution. From the commonly dry tech space to a more approachable and relatable one.



Injazat wanted to go beyond B2B to impact human lives everywhere through its digital transformation initiatives. Their key projects include Malaffi & Department of Health-Abu Dhabi, which pioneered the region’s first health information exchange program, and Hassantuk, UAE Ministry of Interior, a smart city initiative that reports emergencies in buildings, so help reaches in seconds.

We saw a chance to evolve the company’s messaging revolving around improving people’s lives as the ultimate outcome. And all our communication reflected this very approach.


The strategic exploration alongside the client led to the brand platform of “Instigator of better” was inspired by the quest to humanize technology, especially given the clinical clichés of the tech category.

Extrapolation of content

Now the question was, how can we interpret this phenomenal statement into meaningful pieces of content?

Working closely with Injazat, we developed a communication and content strategy for customer education and engagement. Which in turn also helped them in achieving business goals.

Laying the foundations

We kicked off with the Anthem of Change – a stirring emotional declaration & true testament to the new brand orientation. Followed by Injazat 4.0 – definitive messaging from the C-suite about their internal transformation.

Venturing beyond

With Injazat's sponsee Faris Al Zaabi, UAE’s first triathlete, the film drew a parallel between the adrenalin of sport and technology's adrenalin. Next up was testimony to Injazat’s transformation in action, for ‘House of Wisdom’, a unique Government of Sharjah project for a world-renowned Library project. The company orchestrated a unique ‘phygital’ experience and delivered an experience that's a class apart and redefines global benchmarks.

Faris Al Zaaby

B2B product solutions that sell

Agile Factory focused on a unique methodology for project management and Injazat works closely with clients. Executed with their own employees, it implicitly conveyed the human aspect of tech-consulting projects. In a more product-driven scenario of cyber protection, their cybersecurity offering: Cyber Fusion Center's video took a more engaging tone, again - humanizing tech (with a hint of humor).

Agile factory - product video

People & culture

In a people-driven business, we created an internal rallying cry by not just championing product content, but several thematic communications we created to stay inclusive and cohesive. 

Threading through it all is Injazat’s own internal transformation: The changes in the work culture,

It’s not often that positioning transcends barriers and works well internally and externally. 

Thanks to the timeless insight about human achievement – it impacted Injazat’s businesses as well as people.

Case study - Injazat

This case study showcases our plethora of work in the digital transformation domain. And the methodology we adopted to craft the messaging and then create the content across various media for different target audiences.

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