Digital Marketing

Be with customers in their journey 

Your prospects, at any given time, are at different stages in their journey. The classic sales funnel is a good indicator of moving towards purchase.

At Liwa, we’ve revisited the funnel and redefined it to be relevant to today’s digital natives.

As always, we start with the customer. Once we we identify the so-called ‘low hanging fruits’, we travel with the customer in the digital world.

First, Awareness. Why not begin with Hero Content that inspires and/or entertains plus have utility value? Then the content is pushed through paid channels.

Inbound includes SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Referring Links, Word of Mouth and Affiliate Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Second, Discovery. Invest your landing page with information that prospects are looking for. Embed the page with explainer and corporate videos, Hub Content and tools.

All of which should encourage them to part with their details.

Third, Consideration. Remember, your prospect is exposed to plenty of information online. The right time to convince him or her with comparisons, demos, ratings and reviews. Throw in an incentive to make that all-important first purchase.

Fourth, Conversion. Keep the momentum with more incentives, re-marketing, simple calls to action, easy and intuitive forms and secure payment options.

Fifth, Relationship. Your prospect is now your customer. Offer them Hub and Help Content, newsletters and other tools that consolidate the engagement.

And sixth, Advocacy. Give such a wonderful first-time experience that your new customers become your social advocates. Also, requests to participate in surveys, ratings and referrals help to deepen the relationship even more.

Being a leading video marketing agency in Dubai, we have developed the ‘Liwa Approach’. A unique way to approach the digital customer of today. Make it work for you and your business.

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