Corporate Videos

The story of your business, told endearingly 

Business needn’t be boring. At least its story needn’t be.

Typically, consumer stories tend to be more engaging compared to corporate stories.

Corporate videos are notorious for being uninteresting. This happens when companies talk about themselves, almost unendingly, and showcase their offices and factory. Then you have the senior management talking, again seeming endlessly. Result: Your audience switches off to your story.

Unfortunately, most corporates don’t have much clue about telling their stories. They assume that the world is waiting to hear them.

Your work is interesting to you, and it can be presented that way to the world. That’s where engaging stories come in, stories that are told engagingly.

At Liwa, we are experts is turning the boring into the engaging. We take a company’s story, find an interesting angle to it and use it as a peg to make the narrative stimulating.

Corporate Videos

This video for the Al Seer Group, for instance, was a regular anniversary communication. With a creative twist, we created an interesting tale around the brands they handle – while showcasing every brand they distribute. And yet, it’s a heart-warming story of a family.

Another strength of ours – we simplify the complex. Companies that deal in technology, heavy industries, or even services that are unfamiliar. Our work for Dubai Maritime City Authority or Texpo communicate the client’s stories in lighter, easily digestible ways.

With over six years in video production, armed with experience across different genres, we’re equipped with what it takes. Even if you are less prepared with your corporate story, we can pitch in and understand your strong points. We’ll then think up a concept and tell your tale – the best possible way there is.

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