Branded Video Content

When your brand speaks through stories

Today there’s an increasing distrust with mainstream advertising. Also, recording devices let you skip television commercials and ad-blocking software keeps content free of ads. Then how do you engage your audiences? With branded video content.

The genre is unique. It’s less intrusive than commercials but more involving. And thanks to no restrictions on seconds, it can tell a more elaborate story. And that’s the crux of branded content: Storytelling.

Branded Video Content

At Liwa, we create branded video content that’s funny, heartwarming, emotional, delightful and instructional. Or all of these in different proportions. Our remit is to make it compelling, so that it’s shared widely. So we focus on the story first, and then put all our energies to tell that story with impact. See our series of videos for Lipton Ice Tea – branded video content at its best!

And it resonates with savvy audiences today. They expect to be treated with respect – and that’s not by throwing large sized logos at them. Surprisingly, they don’t care much about the length of the video. They just want it entertaining, engaging and addressing their needs along the way.

As a leading branded video content agency in Dubai, we’re on top of our game creating original, outstanding and emotive communication. When the content is fun, trust us – your audience will come back for more. And share what they already received.

Tell a story. Sell a dream. It’s a great way to go about your business. And build your brand.

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