5 actionable insights for marketers during challenging times
13th May, 2020

What can marketers do in challenging times?
Here are 5 insights that are simple, practical and actionable

Tough decisions aren’t new to marketing – in fact it comes with the territory. But a challenge like COVID-19 presents a problem of an unprecedented dimension.

Understandably, the sentiment is at all-time low. With health as a constantly nagging issue, the last thing people want is companies breathing down their necks. So, does it mean marketers have to be just inactive?

Far from it. At Liwa, our strategy team has researched and unearthed five practical and actionable – all captured in this short video: Amazingly simple, the insights involve using your existing armoury – nothing new to be conceptualized or created. Just put your brand thinking and assets to better use.

Briefly put, here are the insights:

1. Live up to your brand promise. How can you be useful through purpose, practicality and creativity? Need of the hour: Befriending your customer through empathy and an emotional connection.

2. Demonstrate value. Now’s the time to be rational – give real, tangible benefits. The times call for features that are beneficial economically. Different strokes for different folks, but value delivery cuts through them all.

3. Show your humane side. If you’ve always been transactional, here’s the chance to be sensitive. Showcase content that’s inspirational or cheerful to uplift the general mood.

4. Problem-solve your clients. Just like the old proverb goes, challenges are opportunities in fancy costume. Lift the veil and you’ll see ample scope to help clients – through technology, ideation or plain thinking that’s offbeat.

5. Talk to your people. Companies often lose sight of their biggest asset (as the cliché goes): Their own employees. In crisis times, all you do is show some empathy to them and they’ll be the torchbearers of your goodness stories – with their own social media as the vehicle.

Of course, one size never fits all. Eventually, every brand needs to find its own purpose – and tailor it to the times. For a more in-depth look on how the insights work, watch the video.

At Liwa, a video production company Dubai, we strategize and conceptualize for the times. We’re always with our clients, helping them solve their marketing problems as required. Which is why we have proactively come up with these five actionable insights and created a video for COVID marketing. Do have a look, and benefit from our experience.

In many ways, crises are when you can wake up to more meaningful action, show character and enhance brand love. Like they say, people always remember how you made them feel. Here’s the occasion.