Social Engagement

Making it meaningful and results-driven

Gone are the days when ‘like’s used to dictate the popularity of your social presence. And ‘shares’ would tell you how good your content was.

Today, we’ve evolved to more relevant, meaningful content all across social media. When coordinated well, and executed well, your social campaigns can result in better engagement. Plus effective brand building.

Also gone are the times when campaigns sit exclusively on social media and work purely online. At Liwa, we attempt to push the limits. We often try to build an offline component to the online endeavour, giving the phrase ‘through the line’ a whole new meaning.

Social Engagement

For our client DP World, we combined offline and online to create a social – and socially relevant – campaign. Interestingly, it worked effectively on both levels.

On ground, the campaign made a difference to the delivery men in Dubai. They are the ones who reach food to all of us at home and at work. The idea was to surprise them with an Iftar during Ramadan – a time when they were fasting but still delivering food to customers.

Online, it garnered thousands of views. And thanks to the engaging content, thousands more in terms of of shares – all organic.

The crux, as always, is emotion. The heart-tugging nature of the content ensured that it was viewable as well as shareable.

It’s also testimony to our unique brand of content creation. Our stories are seeped in strategy. So while the storytelling is compassionate, its underlying thread is the strategic alignment with the brand.

Try us for your next project in social engagement. We’ll create content that goes beyond just ‘like’s and shares. We’ll also build meaning and purpose into it.

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